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Posted by brian (70 items)

-white plastic 15 gal. ( $15 ) , 20 gal. ($20 ) , & 30 gal ( $25 ) barrels ;
- 55 gal. steel barrels @ $20 .

**PLEASE don't cause numerous emails. Tell me if the FIRST ONE if you want steel or plastic , what sizes and how many of each. This will save both of us a lot of time. ( OPTIONAL: If you want, tell me what you'd use them for so I can ensure they are suitable for your needs )**

ALL have the tops on them ( easily cut off if you want to )

.Great for storing a variety of items:
- with TOP ON: used oil or antifreeze or other chemicals including tire calcium ; etc., etc.....; floating in the dugout or use at the lake ; ......( keep thinking)

-with TOP OFF: critter feed ( chickens, horses, lambs, etc.) ; wood or metal ; scrap metals ; burning ( I recommend a metal one for this) ; holding tools ; climbing in & rolling down hills ; holding hunting bait ; hey, you can think of a lot of other things too. Oh, and rainwater or water for a camping shower ( heats up real nice during the day )

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