Characteristics and applications of HH high-lift slurry pump

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The HH type slurry pump is a type of high-lift slurry pump. Its structure is the same as the AH type slurry pump. It is a double-casing slurry pump. It has thick flow parts and is equipped with a heavy-duty bracket. It is suitable for industrial and mining industries with high lift requirements. It is also suitable for transporting corrosive slurries and can be used in multiple stages in series.
The HH type high-lift slurry pump has a horizontal double-casing structure. The pump body and pump cover also have replaceable high-chromium alloy metal linings. The pump body and cover are made of cast iron, open vertically, and connected with bolts. The discharge port of the pump can be adjusted at eight angles according to needs. The front and rear covers of the impeller are equipped with back blades to reduce leakage and increase the service life of the pump.
Compared with the HH-type high-lift slurry pump and the AH-type slurry pump, under the same outlet diameter, the HH-type slurry pump has a larger pump chamber volume, a larger impeller diameter, and a larger centrifugal force. , so it has higher pressure to transport the slurry, and can pump higher and transport farther. Its structure is reasonable, its operation is smooth and reliable, and it can perfectly solve your transportation requirements for high-lift slag.

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