Impeller in G type gravel pump accessories

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The G-type gravel pump is mainly used for transporting large particles because of its wide flow channel and good passing performance. Therefore, G-type gravel pumps are used to transport highly abrasive slurries with large particles that ordinary slurry pumps cannot transport. Today Pansto Pump Industry will talk about the impeller in the gravel pump.
The impeller is one of the flow-passing parts of the slurry pump. The transportation of slurry depends entirely on the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller, so the impeller is a very important accessory in the slurry pump.
If you want a slurry pump to be corrosion-resistant, material is the key. The impeller in the G-type gravel pump is made of high-wear-resistant high-chromium alloy. The chromium content is above 26%.
The blades of the G-type gravel pump are mostly 3 blades, so its passing performance is relatively good.
The impeller of G-type gravel pump is generally a closed impeller.
The above is Pansto Pump Industry’s explanation of the impeller of G-type gravel pump. If you want to know more, please contact us!

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