The difference between G-type gravel pump and ordinary slurry pump

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G-type gravel pump is one of the horizontal slurry pumps. It is not difficult to see the purpose of the gravel pump just from the name. Gravel pumps are generally used for sand pumping from the sea or rivers, dredger mining, trenchless pipe jacking development projects, river dredging, etc. So what is the difference between a gravel pump and an ordinary slurry pump?
First of all, the slurry pump adopts a double pump casing structure. The outer layer is composed of the pump body and cover, and the inner layer is the inner layer of flow parts composed of a sheath, a guard plate, and an impeller. The gravel pump is designed with a single pump casing structure, which increases the space of the pump chamber to the greatest extent.
The second is the difference between impellers. The impeller used in ordinary slurry pumps is a closed impeller, and the flow channel design of the impeller is relatively narrow. Although the impeller of our gravel pump is also a closed impeller in design, its blades usually use three blades. , and the entire designed flow channel of the impeller is relatively wide, suitable for conveying large materials.
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