Characteristics and applications of L-type slurry pumps

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Compared with the L-type slurry pump and the AH-type slurry pump, although they both have double pump shell structures, the impellers of the L-type slurry pump are open impellers, which can pass larger particles. At the same flow rate and lift, In this case, it is cheaper and more economical to choose the L-type slurry pump, which is a good choice for transporting light abrasive slurry.
The connection method between the L-type slurry pump and the motor can also be directly connected or belt driven according to the industrial and mining parameters. The belt drive can have a variety of installation positions such as CRZ\CLZ\CV\ZVZ for you to choose from (specific forms of Features, we will introduce them in detail in other chapters)
The sealing form of L-type slurry pump can also be selected as packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal, or mechanical seal according to needs, which can meet your different sealing requirements.

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